Planning Chambers is an independent town planning and development advisory consultancy established in 2000.

Planning Chambers was founded on a vision for a consultancy that specialises in providing truly independent and respected development advice – identifying solutions to problems and viable development options for clients.

Planning Chambers benefits from extensive experience of over 40 years in the planning and development industry, complemented by a committed team, experienced in providing tailored advice to both private and public sector clients.

Planning Chambers provides town planning solutions and advice on a range of projects within metropolitan Adelaide and rural South Australia – ranging from large scale commercial, industrial and residential developments, to smaller niche projects.

Planning Chambers has vast experience in all forms of planning and development activities and is committed to using and sharing this experience to assist clients through the development assessment process. A strong network of State, Local Government and industry contacts and links enables Planning Chambers to provide timely, comprehensive and commercially responsive advice to clients.